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Here is the collection of old Srilankan images which are taken from Ceylon in the 1890's. Many of these images have immense historical value and very rare to see.

If you have any other old Srilankan images which are not available here , please send those information and photographs of them to us.We hope these information would be of immense useful for students, collectors, researchers, scholars and any person who likes to collect such items as a hobby, and for the future generation. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Please send them to oldsrilanka2009@gmail.com

We are greatly thankful to Mr.Sumeda for sending these old images.

Haputale Railway Construction

Old Srilanka Images

Images from past Sri Lanka

images from old Sri Lanka

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Old Currency Notes

Old Srilankan Currency

Old Srilankan Currency notes

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Old Srilanka Coins

Old Srilankan Coins

srilanka old coins

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